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Many thanks to those who have entered the 2018 photo competition.  We have 8 entered photographs of “Maxis at play” which clearly show how we enjoy our yachting and have a few close calls along the way!

We will present the prize at the AGM on 21st April so I would be grateful if you could cast your vote by April 18th to jtrimming@hotmail.com giving the picture number you are voting for.

For those of you attending the AGM, we look forward to seeing you there.

 Photo 1 – Caught on port – Solo

Photo 2 Chichester Rally

 Photo 3 DB 1

 Photo 4 DB2

 Photo 5 Isles of Chaussay

Photo 6 Maxi Magic prepared to play

 Photo 7 Maxi Magic at play

 Photo 8 Trawling for the mark



Annual General meeting – 19th February 2017
Held at The Phoenix Inn, Twyford. Meeting Opened at 12:00hrs

Aloni ~ Sue & Steve Harridge
Amylou ~ Gary & Carole Heward
Aquarius Ventures ~ Gordon & Christine Agnew
Ariam ~ Pan & Andy Verdun
Asante ~ Andy & Sara Horwood
Baldur ~ William Avery
Blue Lightning ~ Peter & Sarah Sands
Blue Rider ~ Peter & Sue Stonestreet
Caribu ~ Tim & Sarah Phillips
Good Time Girl ~ Kevin & Annie Brown
Looking Foor Klos ~ Julian & Carolyn Trimming
Moondust ~ Rob & Julie Powter
Neroli ~ Rod & Carole Minkey
Suive ~ Richard & Lorraine Sams
Wenimbi ~Malcolm Spencer

Apologies were received from the following:
Fenix Flyer ~ Graham Bremer
Leda ~ David Brown
Orinoco ~ Ronnie and Jane Harris
Moonshine Blues ~ Robert & Sally Ledger
Vouvray ~ Chris & Helen Wildey

Votes by proxy:

Copies of the minutes of the 2016 AGM were distributed
It was unanimously agreed that they were a true and accurate account of that meeting.

Chairman’s Report:
The Chairman (Julian Trimming) opened the meeting by thanking those members attending and summarised the busy year and events of 2016.

Thanks were given to Chris Wildey for his work in transferring the website to a WordPress platform which is much easier to use for the non-IT savvy.

Julian went on to advise that, to support Chris the Association needs a web content manager to input content from members.
It is essential that the content of the website is kept fresh and articles are needed to keep it alive:

• Projects on your boat
• Kit tested
• Issues fixed
• Cruising experiences
• Etc.
Maxi yachts of Sweden facebook page very active and acting as a good forum – Thanks to Darrel Walters for his support and activity.


Membership numbers are fairly static, with few new sales or people changing boats, and so, to allow Members to remain in the Association should they move away from the Maxi brand, we need to update the constitution.

The following changes are proposed.

2.1 The Executive Officers of the Association shall be full members of the Association and shall consist of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and any other Officer so proposed by the Chairman. Officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in each year and shall hold office for one year, retiring at the termination of the AGM in each year. All Officers of the Association shall be eligible for re election, up to a maximum of THREE years in office, at which time upon retiring, shall stand down for a minimum period of ONE year before seeking re election unless the position cannot be filled.

Proposal: Removal of need to stand down for a year? . Executive officers can be full members or associate members.

3.1a Member. Being a person who is the OWNER or PART OWNER of a MAXI yacht. Where there are two or more owners of a MAXI yacht only one named PART OWNER shall be entitled to vote.

(For voting purposes, the term “Member” shall include the spouse / partner of the member and immediate children under the age of eighteen years. The family unit shall have one vote exercisable by either the Member or his / her spouse / partner).

Proposal: A member to be a person who is an owner or part owner or previous owner or part owner or remove non voting rights from associate membership.

3.1bAssociate Member. The grade of Associate Member shall be open to such persons as are invited to join the Association by the Officers / Committee in recognition of their contribution toward the furtherance of the objects of the Association or any member who has sold their MAXI yacht and who wishes to remain a member of the Association, but with no voting rights.

Proposal – remove the no voting rights of associate members

The above change to the Constitution was unanimously agreed.

The Chairman expressed his thanks the committee for all their hard work.

Election of officers

Proposals for the Committee are set out below.

In addition it was proposed and agreed that Three (3) additional General Members would be elected on to the Committee.

Chairman Julian Trimming
Vice Chairman Vacant
Secretary Peter Sands
Treasurer Sarah Sands
Web Master Vacant
Membership Secretary Sara Horwood
UK Rally Coordinator Peter Stonestreet
South Coast Rally Coordinator Richard Sans
East Coast Rally Coordinator Vacant
General Committee Members (3) Andy Horwood
Carolyn Trimming
Rod Minkey

Signatories to the Association bank accounts remain as Sarah Sands (Treasurer) and Sara Horwood (Membership) and Peter Sands (Secretary)

The proposed committee was unanimously approved by those members present at the meeting

Volunteers are requested to fill the two vacant positions and Area Coordinators

Area Coordinators Reports:

The Solent is still predominantly the only area where rallies are organised, and we would welcome contact from other regions who would like to organise a rally. The Committee can provide support with a guide to help people set up a rally.

The Solent area are circulating invitations to attend rallies to all Association Members to both demonstrate what is going on and welcome any Member to an event should they be cruising in the area during a planned event.
No reports were given of activity in any other area

Unfortunately Graeme Bremmer stepped down as South Coast Rally Co-ordinator but the committee stepped up to the mark and organised an ran the 2016 programme and we were delighted when Richard Sams agreed to take on the role at the end of 2016 and has prepared a good programme for 2017

Rally Co-ordinators are requested for all other regions in the hope activity can be encouraged.

Solent Rally report 2016

There were 6 rallies during 2016 and all were well attended .

We started the year early with an Easter rally in Ocean Village eating at the RSYC and Hamble – Mercury . Weather was not “supportive” but good attendance by boat or road was achieved with over 20 attending on each day.

Bembridge for a longer rally in May, spanning Sunday to Tuesday
12 boats attended at various times as not everyone could stay for the duration.
Sunday meal was provided by Richard and Lorraine on Suive and Pam and Andy on Ariam, with others bringing desserts, cheese and chocs.
Monday evening dinner was held at Brading Haven Yacht Club

Lymington in June
11 boats attended (ca.27 people). A guided walk was offered in the afternoon followed by dinner at the Royal Lymington Yacht Club

Itchenor in August 10 boats on 3 mooring buoys. Very lucky with the weather and a great safari supper with groups being ferried by dinghy between boats.

Poole in September with 15 people and 8 boats (9 inc. Lookin Foor Kloos)

Cowes in October held at Shepherds Wharf. Originally 17 boats registered but in the end 12 boats attended with a very good turn-out for the last rally of the season. Dinner was held at the Island Sailing Club.

Notice of rallies in now being distributed to the whole membership as opposed to just the area Encourage attendance by car of out of area members should they be in the vicinity.

It was suggested that Wheels Rallies may be the way forward for out of Solent groups to meet up initially which may then lead on to them forming sailing rallies in other areas

Thanks to all who have run rallies in 2016

Richard Sams then outlined the proposed rallies for the Solent area for 2017

1st Rally
Sat April 8th Universal – River Hamble – Confirmed.
Wheels option.
Sat night dinner in “Bistro 8”
Peter & Sarah Sands
2nd Rally
27th – 29th May
Cherbourg – provisional
Port Chanteryne.
Andy & Sarah Horwood
3rd Rally
Sat 24th June
Lymington – Confirmed.
Dan Bran pontoon
Dinner – Royal Lymington Yacht Club
Julian & Carolyn Trimming
4th Rally
9th/10th Sept
Island Harbour
Peter & Joan Lloyd
5th Rally
14th/15th Oct Cowes – Shepherds Wharf Peter & Sue Stonestreet
Treasurer’s Statement:

Sarah presented a summary of the year’s accounts and had the accounts available for review by the members.
Balance of our accounts at the end of the 2016/17 year was:

Current account: £128.09
Savings account: £4677.27

Income (Subs & Sales) £911.63

Website hosting £161.51
AGM Costs £125.39
Rallies £644.88
Expences £28.70

Total Expenditure £955.09

No comments were made or clarifications were requested and so the Accounts were accepted.


Sara provided an updated membership list which showed that membership is slightly down on that of previous year, although the distribution is generally unchanged.

Other memberships:

It was agreed by those present that the following “Associate” Memberships would be granted for one year

John Haskins Marine – technical advisor
SD Marine
Regatta Yachts

Photo competition

The winner of the photo competition was announces as follows

Winner: Steve Harridge – Round the Island (£20)
Runner up: Rod Minkey – On route to Poole (£10)

Web Site

There was a general discussion on ways to promote the Association and encourage traffic through the Web Site

Ideas put forward were:

• Crew available – wanted section
• Members boats section – Rod agreed to co-ordinate
• Contact local members when cruising?
• Post who is cruising where and when?
• Articles:
o Projects on your boat
o Kit tested
o Issues fixed
o Cruising experiences
o Etc.


A member raised the possibility of Liability following any advice that had been given on the website.

It was concluded that a general note on the website stating that all advice taken from the website is at the risk of those taking the advice (E & O E) should suffice to cove this concern

No further items were tabled

The meeting was closed at 1400hrs.


An hour or so a month to ensure the present website operates correctly and its software is kept fully updated.  Also to maintain domain names, email forwarding,  and hosting/associated accounts.

More details…

1) Ensure the WP installation continues operating correctly and that the software for both the basic WP installation and its associated Plug-ins/Themes is kept strictly up-to-date.

2) Ensure domain names, hosting account, and associated accounts/subscriptions (e.g. for off-site backup, plug-ins) are renewed and in credit and to liaise with the respective support help-desks as the occasion necessitates.

3) Work with and support MOA volunteers who undertake day-to-day editing of web content and management of member user-names/passwords.

The WP installation is administered via a simple browser interface and no coding or programming skills are involved for the current MOA site.  WP is extremely easy to learn but ideally requires someone already confident with normal Office type applications.  Administration of hosting facilities and domain names (and email redirection) is likewise browser based.  Experience of FTP and database concepts might be an advantage in understanding how WP operates in the hosting environment.

Time Requirements: Under normal circumstances, the WP installation needs checking for required software updates each week which only takes a few minutes.  From time to time, web-site content together with its menu/page structure should be checked for relevancy, valid links, etc. to ensure it remains a good window for the Association and its membership.

Full hand-over support will be provided as required by the out-going Administrator.

Current Arrangements: (All with genuine UK-based companies):

Web host:  TSOHost.com      Domain Registrar:  123-reg.co.uk      Offsite backup: myRepono.com

They now call depressions hurricanes and by names. Well we were so lucky to miss Ophelia and Brian. For the rally we enjoyed brilliant October weather. It was an especially successful event. We were booked into Shepard’s Wharf and members new and old (mind the ‘old’ bit) signed up. 16 member yachts all arrived and stacked 5 across the bay berthed together 3 lengths deep. Shepard’s Wharf was friendly too, loaning us the Sugar Store for the pontoon party for 37 crew. Sue & Peter with help from Sara & Lorraine prepared a spread of canapés and wine for us to enjoy as we mixed and discussed the important matters of life.

After what amounted to the first course of a dinner we perambulated to a new and interesting location. UKSA is a novel sailing centre as a “youth charity offering transformational opportunities, as well as professional yachting and watersports career courses”. This means it has hostel accommodation, dining and classrooms. We booked the dining room to follow after the residents for a splendid 2 course multiple choice menu with coffee to follow. We were invited to use the bar as well. The special characteristic of the mix of Maxi owners was obvious in the variety of bubbling conversations.

UKSA allowed us to use a classroom for the finale of the meet – A presentation of how a Maxi 1100 wins the gruelling Triangle race. This was delivered by Gary Heward to an extremely high quality and good humour enhanced by David Lewis & Gary Revell ripostes from the back of the room as they too were competitors in the same event. Then, more, we found the bar was open and entertainment. Even for one of our Maxi skippers who joined in with the Ladies’ Barberettes from Reading who had been singing before our dinner and were still going. Sadly it then was time to leave.

Peter Stonestreet


Skippers and crew Boat Model
Brown David Leda of Hamble 1000
Verdon Andy Colin Tebbs Ariam 1100
Tomkins Alan Peter Chignell Brent Goose 1100
Niven Neil Debbie Ruby Max 1100
Horwood Andy Sarah Asante 1100
Lloyd Peter Joan Walk of Life 38
Minkey Rodney Carole Neroli 1000
Ledger Robert Sally Moonshine Blues 1100
Huxford George Sarah Sea Wolf 1000
Heward Gary Carole Amylou 1100
Stonestreet Peter Sue Blue Rider Moody38
Stokes Richard Claire Skybird 1100
Thallon Jeremy Gill Sunfish 1000
Lewis David Gary Revell Resolute 1000
O’Donnell Peter Sarah Pell Mell 1000
Morrison Tricia Tim Genepy 1100
Sams Richard Lorraine Suive Sweedstar


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